Monday, January 6, 2014


PRADA via amazon // CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN via barnes and noble // LOUIS VUITTON: ART FASHION AND LITERATURE via louis vuitton // CHANEL: THE VOCABULARY OF STYLE via amazon // ALEXANDER WANG: SAVAGE BEAUTY via barnes and noble // AMERICAN FASHION via neiman marcus
[not pictured: GUCCI: THE MAKING OF via gucci // YVES SAINT LAURENT via amazon // TOM FORD via barnes and noble ]

I love books. They are objects that will never go out of style. Fashion books are intriguing through their content and specifically their design. But, more than just beautiful on the outside, they are gateways to infinite realms. For someone who loves fashion and engaging with it mostly through imagery, I find fashion books to be useful as a tool for learning more about the designer or brand. They are also eclectic pieces of art, perfect to have sitting out just to admire. They are both educational and visually stimulating. I think I found a new inexpensive hobby.

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