Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Things Happening!

So, new things are happening with the Kasparek couple. Zac officially landed a job. (Praise, Jesus!) He's currently in between Akron and Cleveland, so he'll be there while I'm here at school finishing up my last year. After I'm done here in Athens, we'll be settling in the Akron area, which is kind of ironic since we'd thought we'd never be back after we both graduated from UA. It'll be an adjustment for sure. I always planned on moving back to my hometown, or at least the area, to settle and plant our roots. I guess I won't be able to say my kids are fourth generation New Brighton born and raised (NB is just outside of Pittsburgh, for those who aren't so familiar with our small town of under 10,000). That's ok, change isn't always a bad thing, just an adjustment.

Well, speaking of school, I'm currently doing research for my thesis! I'm excited, but so nervous because I wouldn't consider myself the finest writer, but hopefully with the will of God on my side and hard, hard work I'll be ok! Zac and I will be going to Chicago in December to see an exhibit, "Violence and Virtue," at SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) where I'll get to see one of my favorite painter's most famous works-- Artemisia Gentileschi's "Judith Beheading Holofernes" (ca. 1620). It'll be on loan from the Uffizi Gallery (in Florence, Italy), which pretty much never happens! Hopefully this will help my in my thesis research, and I am so excited to visit Chicago (I've never been). Michigan Avenue, anyone? Along with that exhibit, we plan on doing some shopping and going to a few nice restaurants-- any suggestions? Zac will be annoyed, but I'll promise to take a bunch of photos. 

Fall is on its way, well actually it's pretty much here, only a few days out until it's official. My birthday is the 29th of September and Zac's is a mere eight days later! So we'll be celebrating the next few weeks in our old age. Ha! Today is also an important day, it's a mini-anniversary of our wedding, if you will. Four months has gone by so fast, and it only makes me think about not too long ago we were a 15 and 16 year old in high school who barely even knew each other. Sometimes I just wish life would stand still for a little bit so I had a chance to soak it all in, but alas, it does not and as fast moving as it has been speeding by, I'm really having a great time.

Happy Fall & Happy Gorgeous Weather. . .



P.S. In honor of four months and moving on from my hometown dreams, I'll leave you with a photo from our 'first look' taken in our high school's gymnasium where we had four years worth of volleyball games, football pep-rallies, and basketball games.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Cravings

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Currently craving cool colors; deep turquoises and bluish hues. Maybe it's my subconscious actually wishing for cooler weather instead!?