Thursday, July 11, 2013

Trend Report :: Fall 2013

Ok, I'm all for summer and the sun and such but in W. Pennsylvania we've had a very rainy summer as of late and I'm more of a Autumn kind of person anyway! While trying to figure out what to do on yet another rainy day, I decided to check out what will be trending for the fall!

Two trends I'm really looking forward to are gray palettes (sleek & street) and color blocking! I am and have always been a fan of grays, whites, and black color combinations during the colder months. 

Color-blocking isn't anything new, but for me, I think more [muted] color combinations in my wardrobe for the color months is something I am certainly willing to try. . .

A color I'm a little apprehensive about [but willing to try!] is the military style green. . .

 Patterns channeling the 60s also seem to be in the line-up (not so sure about me, though)!

I know it's only mid-July, but I can't help myself. . . I'm ready for the cool fall air :o)

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