Saturday, July 27, 2013

Things that get me through. . .

Do you ever have moments (or even phases) where you feel completely ungrateful and selfish, and the worst part is that you are totally aware of it? I mean, it's ok to be a little selfish every once in a while, after all, if you want to be the best YOU possible, then you need to be. But I'm talking about moments where you are so far removed from reality and what's TRULY important, that you seem to be living in a completely different world. I'll admit, it happens, but then I step back and remember what life is actually about. I'll stop and think about people and things that mean the most and forget the things that mean the least! I guess I don't recognize what I should be grateful for (like the little things) as often as I'd like to (like everyday!), but I'm working on it. You'll never catch me being ungrateful for a gift or nice gesture, that's not my style. Just ungrateful (to myself) about the blessings I have in my life, daily. I am a lot better than I was as a teenager, and even way better than I was as a child. I thought about this last night when we celebrated my younger brother and sister's birthday. Do you notice that twins run in my family? I looked around and just felt a sense of gratefulness while around my family and being ABLE to be with them. Not everyone is blessed with seeing their families often and having them all together. There's also the realization that I have a family, and some don't. In fact, now I have TWO amazing families in my life.

Things that get me through (aka, bring me back to reality). . . 

My siblings. We fight, we don't always get along, but we will always have each others back. I have 5 siblings, and I don't see all of them, all the time, but they will always be my brothers and sisters, and I love them all.

My parents. 

My twin sister. 

My parents-in-law. Most people find real faults in their in-laws, but I would have to disagree. I'm completely blessed to have a close relationship with mine.

My niece & nephew, Tyler & Isabella. My cousins, Jack & Lily.

My best friends.

My little angel, Daisy.

My health.

My entire (huge) family, including the best GMA in the world.

My education.

My faith. Our God, our Savior!

Finally. . .

My soulmate. Having a husband is one thing, but having a soulmate is a completely different story. People question the existence of soulmates, but I beg to differ. They are real, I'll defend that until the day I die. Being with someone you were intended to connect with since before you were even born, I can't even explain how it feels. We've been together for almost nine years (with minor hiccups in between, that I'm not ashamed of). That's practically a decade of being with my soulmate, and some never even get the pleasure of meeting theirs. [Grateful]. If anything brings me back to reality, that does. It's not always butterflies and roses, but it shouldn't be. You need one emotion to recognize the importance of another. I love him like there's no tomorrow, thank you Jesus that you have allowed him in my life.

Whew! I feel a lot better now reminding myself what's most important.

What gets you through & brings you back to reality?




  1. Great pictures...seems like a great family :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

    1. b-u-t-ful Anna,

      you got it right....humans are full of flaws, yet love prevails...yes it prevails and that is something to be grateful all ways....xoxo
      your godmother!

  2. Wow! It takes a lot of guts to admit your flaws; especially being ungrateful although in reality everyone is. You really are blessed in your life its amazing that you had the strength to share that with everyone. Cudos