Monday, May 27, 2013

Honeymoonin' in Skaneateles

After the most perfect wedding weekend there ever was, we hit up Skaneateles, New York for our honeymoon. We left Sunday afternoon after a wedding breakfast celebrating the (amazing) day before. Needless to say, the entire weekend was amazing. . .  but we'll start by recapping the honeymoon! 

First of all, we know Skaneateles doesn't seem like the usual honeymoon spot where newlyweds seek romance (yes, we also, like most couples, considered the beach). But, this spot is so special to us, not to forget to mention it was our responsibility to take care of the honeymoon expenses, so we picked a place where our dollar would go far. 

Zac has been vacationing in Skaneateles since he was a (big) baby. His parents vacationed there long before they were even married (40+ years), while they were still in their college years. Zac brought me there for the first time with his family during the Summer of 2008. I fell in love with it all; the village, the shops, the people, the lake, the artists etc. We stayed almost a week, but it's even perfect for a weekend get away!

Favorite spots included; Blue Water Grille, Doug's Fish Fry, Cedar House, Sherwood Inn, Rosalie's Cucina, Mackenzie-Childs (in Aurora), Anyela's Vineyard, Cate & Sally's, Imagine, Skaneateles 300', Mirbeau Spa, Rhubarb, & Pomodoro's.

Warning: there are about two pictures of us total together :(

mackenzie-childs :: favorite place ever

couple's massage

we decided already what our kids' nursery/playroom will look like

 i've longed for this vanity tray! so happy to have it! :)

 handsome husband, who hates pictures

mackenzie-childs :: amazing decor

we experience rain, 85% of the time

still getting used to my new ring & my new last name. . .

It was the best time and it was the perfect finale to a spectacular wedding celebration!



P.S. I only brought one handbag, forgot the others. . .  don't think I'm obsessed with that one or anything!

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