Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Day Inspiration :: Accessories

I'm exactly a month away from being a M.R.S. and now its last minute mode to get things together.

Here are some of my accessories, that I fully intend to wear the day of. . .

I really do intend to wear all of these, but I'm totally indecisive with the little details!

lulu townsend via dsw

glitter toms [dancing shoes]

nadri via nordstrom

hinting to zac! :: tiffany&co

barrette via bedbathandbeyond

silk rose flower comb via bedbathandbeyond

veil via davidsbridal

Here's what I'm hoping my hair will look like. . .

My bracelet will be something borrowed from my mother-in-law.

My dress? It's a surprise! 

I'm sure with some tweaking, all the accessories will look cohesive the day of!

Can't Wait. . . 



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