Monday, March 25, 2013

Favorite Pics from the Bridal Shower

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my shower. . .

Cousin Lily & Niece Isabella [Both are Flower Girls!]
Cake from WestSide Bakery in Akron, OH
Mom, Twin Sister Ashley, Me, Grandma & Little Sister Courtney
Ashley, Kimmy, Courtney, Janelle, Ashley, Me, Susann, Allison, Megan & Natalie
Great shot of me and my sisters!
Future MIL, Fiance Zac & Myself
Desert Bar
Great shot from the back of the room!

Left :: Zac & I // Right:: Candle Favor 
"Meet the Bridesmaid" Table [which was a huge hit!]
Left :: Rosary I gifted my twin sister who is also the MOH // Right :: Me and Zachary
Brittany Carver, the biggest reason Zac and I are where we are today!
One of my favorites. . .
Ash, Megan & Allison [the smiles were contagious that day!]
Janelle did an amazing job on my ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal dinner!
Awkward hand gesture, but a sweet moment nonetheless. . .
What is life without the company of love, great friends & family?

 It was such a beautiful day. . . and all I can say is "blessed"! My bridesmaids threw and hosted an amazing shower. One of the best decisions we made for the day was hiring a photographer (Kelly Lester Photography) to take pictures during the luncheon. It was nice to not have to worry about carrying a camera around to make sure we got pictures of everything. Another great decision? No games! Honestly, games during showers are the worst and just make the day drag along. Nothing is worse than a shower that takes up the whole afternoon. At my shower, we mingled/drank mimosas, had a buffet stir fry inspired lunch, then desert/present opening. All of that only took 2 hours and 15 minutes, which I think was perfect and everyone was happy with that! I think the guests were relieved to not play games! We replaced games with something better. We had guests write "advice for the bride" when they first came in. During the opening of presents the bridesmaids read them off, and everyone loved it. We also raffled off the centerpiece orchids by just pulling names of the guests. Simple, but so much fun! 

It was one of the most loved moments I've ever felt. . . I'll cherish it forever!



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