Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wedding Vendor :: Cinematography

We're only 95 days away from the wedding, and while I am getting nervous for the day of, everything so far has thankfully been falling into place, including our wedding vendors!

Before Zac and I were engaged, we knew we were going to get married and it was only a matter of time before we decided when. 
I have been researching vendors in our hometown area (Pittsburgh, Pa) for a while, and even though I had everything pretty much lined up, there was one part of the wedding I was having trouble with :: the filming of the wedding. . .

I knew it was an added expense, one that maybe we could of done with out, but it was the one thing in the wedding planning that I was dying to have. I researched not just videographers but cinematographers

I guess I can't exactly explain what cinematography is. I just know that the shooting and editing style in wedding films I had seen that were considered cinematic, was exactly what I wanted!

I must admit, Zac still is a little skeptical of the whole wedding film idea, and while I agree it isn't a necessity for the weddingI promised him that it will be absolutely worth it! 

Meet Our Cinematographer :: JONATHAN RYAN FILMS

Here is a wedding film teaser from JONATHAN RYAN FILMS' vimeo.

Joe + Kristina

I think he's fantastic, and he's only been shooting weddings for less than a year!

Did you hire a videographer/cinematographer for your wedding?
Was it worth it?



I do not own any of the videos above, they are property of JONATHAN RYAN FILMS!


  1. Hi Ana! I think hiring one of these guys is a great idea! You will know you will end up with quality pictures and videos. We personally didn't hire one, only because it was not in our budget then. We did hire a photographer but he was a friend of a friend so we got an awesome deal! But trust me, the best memories will be the ones you keep in your mind and heart:)

    1. Aw, thanks so much for the advice Selene! I think it'll be worth it and can't wait to see our film in the end, I just have to convince my fiance! :)