Thursday, February 21, 2013

Casual :: Cardi & Tee

My favorite casual combination; jeans, cardigan & tee.
This combination of gender neutral, a guy or girl can sport an almost identical look.
[I've even tried to have my fiance, who is extremely sporty, to try it out. . . um, no!]

Dress it up with lots of accessories, or maintain its casualness by downplaying the accessories and keeping your make up & hair casual.


[Prabal Gurung for Target :: $32.99]
[Merona at Target :: $17.99]

Old Navy

[Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan [in 13 colors] :: $24.99]

Gap & Banana Republic
[Eversoft Wide-Strip Cardi at the Gap :: $44.99]
[Striped Long Cardi at Banana Republic :: $79.50]

I honestly probably keep it casual with a cardigan and tee about 80% of the time. . .
I keep my favorite cardigans together to the left of my closet.

See the blue polka dot one peeking out? It's my favorite Banana purchase, got it two years ago while in Orlando, and polka dots are still a hot trend!

I'd like to call this 'Uber Casual'. . . 

I also get my favorite tees from Banana & the Gap

What's your favorite casual look?



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  1. I love that Prabal Gurung for target cardi so much!