Monday, February 18, 2013

Beauty Product Must Haves

Everyday I get a little older,  I notice changes in my skin and especially my face.

I'm 23 years young, but that doesn't mean anything for my skin!

Here are some beauty products that I use to try to keep my skin, face, teeth, etc. healthy. . .

Facial Cleansing
clean & clear astringent :: $3.99 at target
Gets all the grime off your face in the evening before bed and even after you shower picking up what you may have missed. Not recommended for even the slightest sensitive skin! For sensitive skin here. . .

Face/Skin Shower Scrub

st. ives apricot scrub $2.99 at target
Great for facial cleansing and exfoliating any where on the body. Again, not recommended for sensitive skin on the face, but in general it is gentile on the rest of the body!

Pore Cleansing
biore cleansing pore strips :: $8.47 at walmart
I use these strips once a week to clean the pore on my nose and it works great a removing blackheads and the oil stuck in your pores.

Facial Moisturizer 
proactiv oil free moisture :: as low as $19.95 at proactiv [dot] com
Moisturizing your face is a must for keeping your face healthy! This is a little pricy but I really like it and it works all day long and helps restore the moisture that the astringent can take away after cleaning.


garnier skin renew :: $10.97 at walmart
This anti-puff roller is amazing, it gets rid of bags under your eyes and tightens the skin. I even use it on my forehead, brows and eye lids. It includes caffeine so it awakens the skin and makes it look refreshed. One of my favorites!

Skin Moisturizer
st. ives collagen elastin :: $3.93 at walmart & aveeno daily moisturizing lotion $9.26 at walmart
The St. Ives is nice and inexpensive and keeps me moisturized all day, while the Aveeno does the same the bonus is that it [Aveeno] is way less greasy!

Lip Moisture
burt's bees pomegranate lip balm :: $3 at burtsbees [dot] com & eos organic lip balm sphere :: $3 at target
Both are great, Burt's Bees Lip Balm you have to reapply often, the EOS Lip Balm lasts longer, but I use both daily!

Mouth Care
crest 3d white toothpaste :: $3.97 at walmart & crest 3d whitestrips :: $49.99 at target 
A cheap way to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth white. Professional results with the Crest 3D Whitestrips for only $50, which the box will last you for months.

I use most of these products daily, if not, then weekly.
What are your favorite beauty products to maintain healthy skin?



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  1. I love when people share their favorite products! I get to see things I could try out. I too love that St. Ives Collagen Elastin Lotion!! Awesome stuff!

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