Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apartment Blues :: Improving Your Living Space

Living in a small apartment can be tough at times. It often feels like there's a lack of originality and 'homeyness'.

Here's a few tips for creating a 
homey atmosphere in your living space.

1. If you're not confident with an explosion of colors, pick 2-3 colors that work well with each other.
For me? Blues, Greens, and Greys. . .
You can accomplish this by utilizing throw blankets & throw pillows. [Suggestion :: Pier1]

2. Hang some art on those empty white walls!

3. Fill that empty corner; a chair, a painting & lighting.

4. Plants! They help with natural air purification & look great by a window. 
[Suggestion :: Dracaena & Palm plants keep wonderfully]

5. Decorative accent pieces! [Suggestion :: Pictures, Bookends & Candle holders]

6. Display your magazines, they also add the right amount of colors. 
[Suggestion :: more than five looks cluttered]

7. A cozy chair. . .

8. Reclaim that antique dresser as your T.V. stand.
[Suggestion :: Change the knobs!]

9. Add a rug to separate the space from a connected area (my dining room is behind me!)
[Suggestion :: Simple area rug at WalMart]

10. [Suggestion :: MAKE IT YOUR OWN!]

Pier1, Target, Marshall's, TJmaxx, HomeGoods and Walmart are great places to buy inexpensive home decor.

What types of ways did you make your apartment more 'homey' and original?

Happy Decorating!



P.S. All the photos are mine & taken with my iPhone 4s using Camera+ and PicFX apps!

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  1. I really like the idea of displaying your magazines. I've never thought of it before, but they really do add a lot of color.

    I'm also wanting to change the knobs on one of my dressers soon.

    Great tips!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ashley & changes the knobs on a piece of furniture makes a world of difference!



  2. I use a midcentury dresser as my TV stand, it has made such a difference!

    1. Agreed, I used to use a cheap TV stand and switched it out when I received this dresser. Love it.

      Thanks for stoping by!

  3. Hi Anna, I have just discovered your beautiful blog. I love your post, clearly you have an eye for design and I totally get your handbag cravings! I'm your newest member.

    It would mean the world if you checked out my new beauty blog, and if you liked it, became a member.

    I can't wait to see you future posts, and I am on the hunt for a glass sweet bowl so I can copy you nail polish storage idea- very creative!


    1. Wow. . . thanks so much for your wonderful comments and for reading my blog! So, so, sweet of you!

      I'll be checking out your blog-- & looking forward to reading it!

      Thanks for sticking around!

  4. Great advice! I totally agree that art really enlivens a space. I try to have alot of personal photos around to make my apt. feel homey.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my iPad Clutch Giveaway!

    1. Thanks so much Rowena!

      Hope you stick around, follow if you'd like! :)

  5. Hi Anna! Just letting you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for all the info.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Beth! She's definitely a cutie. . .


  7. My apartment needs some serious HELP! Boyfriend and I moved in together several months ago. I moved across the country so I left all my furniture and we kept his... Except now it still feels like HIS apartment. We picked up a couple things from Ikea (a dresser for me, a desk for us, a bookshelf for me), but it feels.. Temporary? However, we are short on cash for the time being. When we do have some money, I want to replace the bar stools, get interesting wall art (I LOVE what you showed!), and replace the coffee table. One of these days!

    1. One of my best suggestions would be to collect things over time! Check you local goodwill or thrift stores for small decor items that will make your apartment or home feel like its yours & your style!

      Best of luck!


  8. Replies
    1. Way better & has more personality than the $20 Target wood composite one I used to have!

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